Menlo Products is a manufacturer of premium cable runway systems and data center accessories including custom fabrication. Our staff brings over 25 years of industry experience and offers complete solutions for your data center needs. As a combined work force we have built out over a million square feet of data center space. We started out supporting Fortune 100 companies, Telco, ISP’s and newly created data centers that supported the dot-com era. Today we continue to supply many of these companies, supporting them in their growth from “colocation” to company owned data centers. In addition we support newly emerging companies¬†utilizing¬†“next generation” data center platforms.

At Menlo Products we work closely with you, our customer, to create innovative and cost saving solutions for your design requirements. Our in-depth stock of competitively priced products will meet or exceed all your expectations for satisfying the ever evolving and diverse needs in today’s technology driven market. Our experienced staff understands the necessity of having your products delivered on time to your job site. We are known for our quick delivery times that often surpass industry standards.

Manufacturing high quality products coupled with on time deliveries are the backbone of our company and our number one priority. Together we can partner to help you achieve your goals of staying on time and on budget. Whether it’s a small or large scale build-out, we can help you every step of the way. You can be confident that your order will have everything you need to complete your project on time. We are here to answer all your questions; you will always be connected to a real person that has real answers in real time.

Email us or give us a call, we look forward to helping you!